At Preston Highlands Baptist Church, we’re about three things: God, Community, and Mission.  God comes first because in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we find salvation, acceptance, and new life.  Community comes next because God’s love for us in Christ makes us a new people.  Being reconciled to God makes us reconciled to each other.  Mission comes next because God’s love drives his people out as messengers of his grace and mercy.  We invite you to visit with us and participate in the work that God is doing in us and through us.


Preston Highlands Baptist Church was originally Renner Baptist Church.  Renner Baptist Church was organized in the Renner School House at 11:00am, Saturday, September 6, 1890.  The organization took place on the second floor of the school house which was used as a community center.  The town of Renner had been established in 1888, and was the focal point for an area of farm homes in the southwest corner of Collin County.  The church was started because Renner farmers wanted a place of worship in their own community.  After they organized as a church in 1890, they met on the second floor of the Renner school building for eight years.  That school building now stands at Heritage Park in Dallas.

In 1896 a building committee was appointed consisting of five members who canvassed the community in a one seated buggy and received pledges and cash totaling $1,023.75.  In 1897, the congregation bought a lot at 17720 Dickerson St. and the cornerstone was laid with appropriate ceremonies on October 6, 1897.  The new church building was dedicated on January 9. 1898.  This building is now located at Farmers Branch Historical Park.  In 1925, a new structure was built and George W. Truett (pastor of FBC Dallas) performed the dedication service.  This building still stands today on that same lot.

To better serve a changing community, the congregation purchased the property located at the corner of Davenport Road and McCallum in December of 1979, and moved its place of worship to this location.  The church became Preston Highlands Baptist Church in April of 1980, with the first building dedicated on October 12, 1980.